We produce a comprehensive range of special wire ropes for a multitude of demanding applications.

These refer to:

  • slightly rotation / rotation resistant ropes or non- rotation resistant ropes
  • ropes having compacted or non-compacted strands
  • compacted ropes
  • ropes with or without plastic
  • ropes with bright or zinc coated wires in various grades

They are characterized by, amongst others

  • high breaking force
  • high bending fatigue resistance
  • high flexibility
  • high stability against lateral pressure

These result in a long and safe lifetime of the rope

DIEPA-Special Wire Ropes are available in diameters from 1mm up to 120mm and in weights up to circa 100 tons.

Application examples

  • Mobile crane
  • Tower crane
  • Building crane
  • Lattice boom crane
  • Floating grab crane
  • Overhead crane
  • Electric hoist crane
  • Ship crane
  • Ladle crane
  • Steel mill crane
  • Mobile harbour crane
  • Container crane
  • Offshore crane
  • Cable crane
  • Portal crane
  • Bord crane
  • Derrick crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Snow sweeper
  • etc.