Company Portrait

DIEPA is a registered trademark and stands for Dietz-Patent

DIEPA specialises in the manufacture of special wire ropes for use on equipment that demands the highest degree of precision, durability and safety from its component parts.

  • The company is 100% privatly owned by the family Dietz
  • established 1873
  • 350 employees
  • more than 49,000 m² of production area
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified


Ropes are a very important machine component. Accidents can cause damages to persons and machinery! Therefore, at DIEPA we develop ropes that fulfil the requirements safely throughout their service life.


Nothing is more expensive than the use of the wrong rope! The results are increased costs and long down times of the crane.


Only the available rope can be used - we have it.



Founding of the company by Moritz Dietz whose son August Richard Dietz later on transformed the handy craft into an industrial plant and gave it its name. Manufactured goods: sisal ropes


Beginning of production of steel wire ropes


Invention of the full steel wire rope in double parallel lay (parallelism of outer and inner strands + parallelism between neighbouring outer wires of the outer strands and outer wires of the inner strands)

Diepa - Draht- und Hanfseilwerk = Dietz – Patent


Development and manufacturing of rotation resistant ropes


Development and manufacturing of ropes with plastic insert


Successful introduction of rotation resistant ropes in Lang lay for use on mobile as well as on tower cranes


First production of a special rope core which is the base for the very successful series of B-Series (DIEPA D 1315) ropes


Improvement of the structural design of non-rotation resistant ropes, e.g. DIEPA X 43 (P825), DIEPA X 53 (PZ371)


Improvement of the structural design of rotation resistant ropes by means of a special manufacturing process


Further increase in breaking load of non-rotation resistant ropes by special process engineering (H-series)


Extension of the diameter range of DIEPA ropes up to 120 mm and the maximum rope weight to more than 100 t


Further development of rotation resistant ropes (B-series) resulting in an outstanding combination of flexibility, bending resistance and breaking force